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Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future 2023

Written by A. C. Oliphant

Illustrated by Annabelle Ok

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

The morning after her mate succumbs to disease, Atargatis’ fate is sealed. Alone and grieving, she doesn’t bother hiding from the humans anymore. 


But when a human janitor named Erik catches sight of her, it awakens something she hasn’t felt since she fell in love with her mate. 


Could his companionship ease the isolation of her inevitable death?


Or does she dare hope for survival?

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Guardians of the Umbra Teaser Cover

Work In Progress

By A. C. Oliphant and Annabelle Ok

Genre: YA Fantasy Graphic Novel

Sub-Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

Guardians have patrolled the Umbral gates for centuries, defending unsuspecting humans from the body-craving Lurkers within.


However, as an ancient stewardship passed down through family bloodlines, it is time for a new Apprentice to be chosen.


And it’s Moriarty’s worst nightmare.


Moriarty has reluctantly wielded the Guardian’s Scythe for seven years, determined to make sure the bloodline inheritance ends with him. 


But he can’t control the march of destiny.


The mantle of Apprentice Guardian inevitably falls upon his two-year-old niece, Dessa, and an eldritch Lurker awakens to hunt her.


Can Moriarty bring himself to help Dessa develop the power she needs to fight back? And can he keep her alive long enough to wield the Scythe as the next Guardian of the Umbra?

Status: Prequel Book 2, Draft 1 - IN PROGRESS

Science Fiction

Science Fiction
Demon Fall Teaser Cover

Work In Progress

Genre: Adult Science Fiction Novel

Sub-Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Demon Hunter

Lay low. Survive. Protect her family.


That’s all Alondra wants.


But in an apocalyptic world broken by the Demon War, trust is hard to come by and survival comes at a price. 


The price only gets higher after Alondra discovers she can manipulate life force...


…just like the demons of the long-ended war…


…and just like the shunned Rebuilders who tried to drive the demons back. 


Alondra must now choose.

Does she try to hide and protect her family?

Or does she join the Rebuilders to develop her power and save the world?

Status: Building Draft 2 Revision Plan

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